WLC College Nepal

WLCN Placements

We recognise that you not only want high quality learning and training but are concerned about getting an appropriate placement in the industry. WLCN, in collaboration and with the support of WLCI, offers you the services of the Placement Cell that supports you with excellent placement opportunities, best suited to your individual skills and career interests.

The focus of all processes at WLC College Nepal is to help you find a good job in Nepal and in collaboration with WLCI in various cities of India. You will begin working as a trainee during the programme and get real work experience which will empower you to access high paying jobs. We have observed that those of you who perform well during the traineeship, usually receive multiple job offers even before completing the programme.

Download Admission Form

Interested candidates can download the WLCN Admission Form online to enroll for the upcoming academic session.