WLC College Nepal

Courses offered

Programmes in Advertising & Graphic Design

Foundation Certificate Level-I
Design Principles
Visual Communication-I
Idea Generation & development-I
Contextual & Cultural Referencing-I
Advertising Campaigns-I
Typographic Skills-I
Photographic Techniques-I
Drawing Techniques & Processes –I
Art , Design & Media Practice (Computer Basics)-I

Foundation Certificate Level-II
Visual Communication-II
Idea Generation & development-II
Contextual & Cultural Referencing-II
Ideas in Context-II
Advertising Campaigns-II
Copywriting for Advertising-I
Typographic Skills-II
Editorial Design-I
Packaging in Graphic Design-I
Art , Design & Media Practice (Photoshop Illustrator)-II
Photographic Techniques- II
Drawing Techniques & Processes (Life Study) –II
Final Project

Intermediate Certificate Level-I
Visual Communication-III
Idea Generation & development-III
Contextual & Cultural Referencing-III
Professional Studies-I
Critical Study-I
Ideas in Context-III
Managing & Creative Business-I
Copywriting for Advertising-II
Typographic Skills (Font Lab)-III
Editorial Design-II
Packaging in Graphic Design-II
Art , Design & Media Practice (Digital)-III
Interacting Media Web Authoring (Flash)-I
Photographic Techniques- III
Drawing Techniques & Processes -III

Intermediate Certificate Level-II
Idea Generation & development-IV
Contextual & Cultural Referencing-IV
Ideas in Context-IV
Advertising & Campaigns- Lateral thinking, TVC Scripting
Copywriting for Advertising-III
Typographic Skills -IV
Advanced Typography Design-I
Editorial Design- In Design –III
Corporate Identity -I
Art , Design & Media Practice (Digital)-IV
Interacting Media Web Authoring –II
Animation Techniques for Interactivity -I
Drawing Techniques & Processes –IV
Portfolio Development

Higher Certificate Level-I
Idea Generation & Development -V
Critical Study
Professional Studies
Ideas in Context -V
Managing a creative Business
Employability Skills Internship
Advertising Campaigns (Art Direction) -V
Copywriting for Advertising –IV
Topographic Skills –V
Advanced Topographic Design –III
Editorial Design –IV
Corporate Identity –III
Packaging in Graphic Design –III
Art , Design & Media Practice (Digital Advanced)-V
Interacting Media Web Authoring (Dream Weaver) –III
Animation Techniques for Interactivity –II
Drawing Techniques & Processes –V
Higher Certificate Level-II
Visual Communication –IV
Ideas Generation & Development –VI
Contextual & Cultural Referencing–VI
Critical Study in Art & Design (Dissertation) –II
Professional Studies –II
Ideas in Context–VI
Advertising Campaigns–VI
Copywriting for Advertising
Typographic Skills VI
Advanced Typographic Design
Editorial Design V
Art, Design & Media Practice ( Digital- After Effects) –VI
Animation Techniques for Interactivity (3DMax) –III
Employability Skills(Traineeship)
Industry Diploma Project (IDP) Final Project

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