WLC College Nepal

Cutting Edge Training

Cutting Edge Training will be an integral part of your curriculum across all disciplines. This programme engages you to take responsibility for your personal development, professional career and life. It is designed to support enhancement of certain key skills and attitude that are required in the workplace. Individual faculty member will help students to assess their personal strengths and weaknesses and you will be given individualised coaching to help you deal with personal challenges, thus playing a vital role in shaping your life.

During this programme, you will develop personal abilities and acquire more knowledge, specific skills and attitude, which will help you to operate effectively in the work environment. These cover areas such as visioning, goal setting, planning and organising to achieve goals, attitudinal and behavioural skills, apart from areas such as integrity and perseverance.

As part of the training you will also be attending several interaction sessions with your peers regarding your level of academic understanding and professional background widening your knowledge and skills in an environment of a collective learning process. The training will be imparted through a variety of group exercises and interactive sessions - all of which make learning experiential and full of fun.

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