WLC College Nepal

Courses offered

Programme in Media Studies

Foundation Certificate Level- I
Media Communication
Media Law & Ethics
Research & Interview Techniques
Page Design & Layout
Photography & Digital Imaging
News Journalism for Print

Foundation Certificate Level-II
Media Organisation
Audio Techniques
Radio Programme Production
Radio Anchoring
Radio Promo Production
Production Planning & Budgeting

Intermediate Certificate Level-I
Camera & Lightning
TV Anchoring
News Production for TV
Non- Linear Video Editing
TV Documentary

Intermediate Certificate Level-II
TV Promo Production
Film Appreciation
Script Writing for TV & Films
Advanced Video Editing
Work Experience in Media

Higher Certificate Level-I
Introduction to New Media
Animation Techniques
Animation & TVC Production
Post Production
PR & Event Management
Higher Certificate Level-II
Interview & Presentation Techniques
AD Shot Presentation
Integrated Media Campaign

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