WLC College Nepal

The WLCN Professional Development System

At WLC College Nepal, we recognise our responsibility in shaping the lives of aspiring students and professionals like you and have therefore designed a holistic Professional Development System. This focuses on developing Knowledge, Skills & Attitude that are valuable to employers. Combined with WLCN's process based learning system, it ensures creation of abilities that help you succeed in life.


For learning to be truly meaningful, it must ensure that the knowledge you gain is current, relevant and contributes to your career growth. It must be transferrable and align itself to the current needs of the industry. Thus, our entire curriculum is designed in consultation with industry experts and is also supported by professional faculty members.


Apart from knowledge and technical skills relevant to your specialisation, we arm you with a host of other skills including effective communication, time and resource management, planning and organising, conflict management and negotiation. These skills are not merely limited to those applicable in the work environment but also to your personal life.


A positive attitude is essential in maintaining a good "work-life balance" and helps you effectively solve different and often difficult situations that you would encounter in your life. We therefore train you to develop positive and proactive attitude such as perseverance, adaptability, integrity, personal effectiveness and the ability to influence people.

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