WLC College Nepal

Traineeship Advantage

At WLCN, we believe in keeping ahead by constantly innovating in areas that would help you create a niche for yourselves in the industry. Keeping this in mind, we have pioneered a unique Traineeship Programme that offers you an opportunity to join a WLCN Partner organisation towards the last year of your Business, Fashion, Design and Media courses and to work in it to gain experience for your future professional development.

As a trainee, you will work part time and will also be paid a substantial stipend or monthly remuneration by the concerned organizations for your efforts. During your traineeship, you will be constantly guided, assessed and mentored by WLCN faculty members and industry professionals. Thus the programme will not only provide you with a practical work based learning opportunity but also a direct experience of the rigor of a real work environment in the days to come. It ensures that you emerge from WLCN as a seasoned professional ready to meet the challenges in the world of business, design and media fields.

The Traineeship Advantage will empower you with a head-start in your career and to obtain a secure placement at the end of your courses.

Download Admission Form

Interested candidates can download the WLCN Admission Form online to enroll for the upcoming academic session.